In the early aughts, writer/director M. Night Shyamalan could do no wrong. Coming off the monumental success of The Sixth Sense, he was heralded as the next Spielberg—a young directorial genius that was bound to change the way we watched movies. Then, came a string of flops—from Lady in the Water to The Happening to The Last Airbender (fanboys are still angry about that last one). As Shyamalan’s next project, Split, hits theaters, we decided it was time to look at one of his earlier, more successful films: the superhero/supernatural drama Unbreakable. Although not as widely popular as The Sixth SenseUnbreakable has amassed as cult following, with some even considering it to be one of the best superhero films ever made. While we’re now accustomed to seeing men and women with capes and cowls at the box office, back in 2001, the image wasn’t so commonplace. So, looking back 16 years, how does Unbreakable hold up? Is it a polished thriller that ushered in a new wave of pop culture? Or, another clunky misstep in Shyamalan’s much scrutinized oeuvre?

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