Often considered by many to be the quintessential “coming-of-age” film, Stand By Me is one of the rare movies about children that’s actually made for adults, balancing both youthful comedy and heavier dramatic themes like death, grief, and class status. But, considering our nostalgia-obsessed culture and the myriad of imitators that have popped up in its wake, does Stand By Me‘s sentimental warmth still resonate as strongly today, 31 years later? On this warm summer evening, Mike, Ivan, and Dave embark down the train tracks to find out!


We keep getting older, but the characters in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused keep staying the same age. Fresh off the release of its spiritual sequel, Everybody Wants Some!!, we dive back into Dazed and Confused for a re-view. Does this 70s-set high school film from 1993 still hold up? Do Linklater’s strengths as a filmmaker outshine his weaknesses? Moreover, has he evolved since? Or, as indicated with Everybody Wants Some!!, is he destined to make the same movie over and over? Crank up the tunes, smoke a bowl, and don’t forget to call shotgun, Dave, Ivan, and Mike try to determine if this beloved coming-of-age flick is worth a re-visit.

Don’t you forget about me! It’s been 30 years since John Hughes’s teen classic, The Breakfast Club, hit theaters. Since then it’s touched a chord with countless “jocks, princesses, brains, basket-cases, and criminals.” Does this coming of age story of five different kids in detention hold up three decades later? Pump your fist to the sky and crank up the the synth pop: let’s find out.