Often considered by many to be the quintessential “coming-of-age” film, Stand By Me is one of the rare movies about children that’s actually made for adults, balancing both youthful comedy and heavier dramatic themes like death, grief, and class status. But, considering our nostalgia-obsessed culture and the myriad of imitators that have popped up in its wake, does Stand By Me‘s sentimental warmth still resonate as strongly today, 31 years later? On this warm summer evening, Mike, Ivan, and Dave embark down the train tracks to find out!


As the weather gets colder, we turn to director Rob Reiner and screenwriter William Goldman’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Misery. One of the rare Stephen King adaptations that was both a commercial and critical hit (star Kathy Bates took home an Oscar for best actress), the film is ingrained in pop culture—it’s considered a horror classic filled with several iconic moments. So, as we approach Halloween, we figured it was time for a cockadoodie re-view!

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Mike, Dave, and Ivan revisit When Harry Met Sally, the seminal 1989 romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner and penned by Nora Ephron. Can a man and woman truly be friends without sex getting in the way? More importantly, does this movie hold up?

And, as promised, here is the link to the Vulture Article about how When Harry Met Sally uses physical spacing to tell its love story.