Ready to feel old? High Fidelity—the charming film about life and love seen through the eyes of a music-obsessed record store owner—is 17 years old. So, as is the theme of this podcast: does it hold up? Would it make our personal top five lists today? We revisit Stephen Frears’s film (starring John Cusack and Jack Black just to name a few) to find out.

may just be one of the biggest cinematic hits…well…ever. Produced for just 22 million, this “mid-budget” film went on to gross over $505.7 million at the box office and was nominated for five Academy Awards (despite being panned by most mainstream critics). But, now that the infamous pottery scene has been parodied ad nauseam and the film has been showing on basic cable indefinitely, does it still hold up? Do Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore still make audiences want to believe?

A critical darling (but commercial flop) when it was released in 2002, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love is a divisive movie. Emotional, romantic, and undoubtedly weird, it features Adam Sandler ditching his “Happy Madison” schtick, and replacing it with some serious acting chops. When looking back at this film 12 years later, how does it stack up amongst the rest of PTA’s canon? Moreover, is it truly a masterpiece as some critics claim?