To honor the late great Bill Paxton, we turn to James Cameron’s big budget action comedy, True Lies. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, and, of course, Bill Paxton (perfectly cast as a sleazy used car salesman), it was the first film ever to have a production budget over $100 million. But, with all that cash behind it, is it actually a good movie? How does it fit into Cameron’s blockbuster oeuvre? Are the jokes still funny? Is the action still…um…action packed? Tune in to find out!


Note: the audio for this episode was distorted with an accidental reverb filter. We are very sorry and promise never to do this ever again.

Before James Cameron went on to make some of the highest grossing movies of all time, he was just a scrappy, young action director with big dreams. 1984’s The Terminator changed all that, proving to be a breakout hit for both Cameron and body-builder turned actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But, does this low budget success from 1984—a film that has since spawned multiple sequels, toys, and even an amusement park ride—still hold up when watching in 2015? As Schwarzenegger’s cyborg antagonist declares: “He’ll be back.” But, as viewers, is it worth the return trip? This episode features special guest host and Terminator expert, filmmaker Shahir Daud.