In the wake of his recent sci-fi epic (and flop), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, we turn to French director Luc Besson’s previous big budget sci-fi epic (and flop), The Fifth Element. Yes, when it was first released in 1997, the Fifth Element polarized critics and did meager box office numbers in the US. But, it has since gone on to be revered amongst the sci-fi community, and, with the help of international receipts, eventually became a financial success. But, where do Dave, Ivan, and Mike stand on Besson’s goofy, colorful version of the future? Worthy of cult status? Or, a loud, annoying, tonal misfire?


Resistance is futile! Dave, Ivan, and Mike journey boldly to where no podcasters have gone before—a re-view of the Star Trek film, First Contact. Hitting theaters in 1996, First Contact is by far the most successful of the Next Generation Star Trek Films. It was critically acclaimed and did well at the box office. But, now that the Star Trek franchise has been rebooted under the creative supervision of JJ Abrams, does First Contact‘s star still shine as bright?

A critical darling, but a box office bomb, Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca is perhaps a movie that was just released at the wrong time. With its heady “thinking-man’s” sci-fi concept of a dystopian future where one’s value in society is dependent on his genetic information, its an intriguing film with a distinct sense of visual craft. It has since amassed a cult following. But, in a cultural landscape where Black Mirror reigns supreme, does Gattaca’s sci-fi vision still feel as powerful and effective? Find out in our re-view.


We’ve finally hit our 50th re-view! On the eve of the release of a brand new Star Wars film, Dave, Ivan, and Mike go back to the film that started the phenomenon—Episode IV, A New Hope. There’s no denying that Star Wars is a cultural touchstone, but is it actually a good movie? And, considering the impact of the much maligned prequel trilogy, does its legacy still shine as bright? Is Lucas a visionary world-builder, or more just a great technical craftsman who hit at the right time?  Check us out random podcast listener…you’re our only hope.

Show Notes:
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Mike, Dave, and Ivan make a return to the world of Kubrick with 2001: A Space Odyssey, the groundbreaking 1968 science-fiction epic. There’s no doubt that this film in an incredibly important one. But, is it still entertaining given that we now live in a world riddled with distractions and where CGI visual effect wonders are the norm? We open up the pod bay doors and dive deep into this cinematic classic.