Underdog sports movies have become  ubiquitous in Hollywood, almost to the point where they are practically their own genre. But, what about one of the films that did it first? Enter Hoosiers—the 1986 classic about impossible odds, second chances, and Indiana high-school basketball. Considering how cliché the tropes of this film have become, does Hoosiers still hold up to a re-view?

This is the podcast where dreams come true. That’s right, if you build it….Dave, Mike, and Ivan just might record a podcast about it. We’re talking the 1989 heartfelt baseball classic, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. Does it hold up to a re-view? Or, is it nothing but sentimental nostalgic syrup engineered to make men cry?

As promised in the show, here is the link to the Atlantic article discussing the future of the actual field of dreams in Iowa.